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We’re a generation of individuals. We don’t need anyone. We can do it all ourselves. The pursuit of Self overrules the search for Love. Olly & Lulu know that. In each their way, they’re living the individual dream.

But what if two proud individuals are presented with proof that they are meant to be together? That would mess with their plans for independence, sure, but it would also force them to react. Zakka West is a simple film with a complex, emotional undercurrent. Like the generation itself.

Released in 2003, Zakka West is called “Denmark’s first indiefilm“.

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The process - the making of an indiefilm

What started as a creative rebellion against the ‘safe’ and pedantic Danish film industry that neglects young filmmakers, ended up as a fantastic filmmaking experience.

In conversations in Rome in 2000 with one of Europe’s great screenwriters, Suso Cecchi d’Amico, the director, Mikael Colville-Andersen, heard her talk about what became known as Italian Neo-realism. She mocked the label, which had been slapped onto the films by someone else, somewhere else in the world. Because all it was, was a group of friends with a shared desire to make films who headed out onto the streets and began shooting.


With that in mind, Zakka West was born. The director, Mikael Colville-Andersen was granted carte blanche and, as a result, he chose to go the whole nine yards and accommodate every whim of the team - most of whom had just graduated from The National Film School of Denmark.

The writer/director played the leading role. The producer wanted to film chronologically. The sound designer wished to compose the original soundtrack. The cinematographer wanted to shoot the whole film on the new Aaton Minima super 16 camera. The film was edited on Final Cut Pro – the first Danish feature to do so. Shooting wrapped in just 19 days - because that’s how long Wong Kar-wai took to shoot his early films.

The entire crew were given free reign to test their own creative limits - because film should be an ongoing experiment containing constant doubt, passion and room for personal creativity.

The result is a ‘French film, in English, in Copenhagen’. Whatever the hell THAT means.


Cast & Crew

Lulu: Laura Drasbæk 
Oliver: Mikael Colville-Andersen 

Lucas: Janus Nabil Bakrawi 

Stanley: Brian Patterson
The Homeless Man: Anders Hove 
Charlotte: Sonja Richter 

Producer: Nina Lyng
Executive Producers: Kim Magnusson & Tivi Magnusson
Screenplay: Mikael Colville-Andersen
Cinematographer: Manuel Alberto Claro
Editors: Mahi Rahgozar and Miriam Nørgaard
Sound Design: Hans Christian Kock
Production Design: Liselotte Justesen
Set Designer: Anja Wessel
Original Music: Hans Christian Kock
Production Manager: Line Spanning
Props: Jesper Tøffner
Costumes: Susanne Modler & Mikael Colville-Andersen
Gaffer: Jacob Østergaard
First Assistant Camera: Niels Hansen
Clapper/Loader: Søren Pedersen
Script Supervisor: Nynne Munkholm
Runners: Jakob Hoffman and Michael Hannover
Additional Footage: Jacob Østergaard & Mikael Colville-Andersen-
Stills: Manuel Claro and Mikkel Østergaard
Graphic Art Direction: Paul Wilson @ yellow1

Filmed entirely with the Aton A-Minima Camera on location in Copenhagen, Denmark

Edited on Final Cut Pro

Original Film Score
Composed & produced by Hans Christian Kock. Arranged by Martin Vognsen
Featuring: Anne Marie Kjærulff on violin & Benedicte Palko on piano

"The Second You Sleep"
Written & Performed by Saybia / Courtesy of Medley Records Denmark
© 2002

"The Night the Angel Died"
Written and Performed by Jupiter Day / Courtesy of Sony Music
© 2002 Sony Music Entertainment (Denmark) A/S

Written by Jacob Rathje & Pete Droge / Arranged and performed by Jacob Rathje, Emil Jørgensen & Frank Birch Pontoppidaw
Courtesy of Jacob Rathje & Pete Droge
© 2002

"Train in the Night"
Written and Performed by Peter Busborg
Courtesy of Peter Busborg
© 2002

"Cold Feet"
Written and Perfomed by Elizabeth Anstey
Courtesy of Elizabeth Anstey
© 2002

Written by Maria Laurette Friis
Performed by Tys Tys / Courtesy of Loretta Records
© 2001

“As I Do”
Written and Performed by Racing Ape
Produced by Magnus Groth / Courtesy of Sublime Exile Records
© 2002

Written by Jakob Bak / Performed by CAEN / Courtesy of Jakob Bak
© 2001 Supa Safe Productions

filmed using: kodak 7279/7246 / Kodak Vision 500T & 250D / Kodachrome 40