Study Tours

Mikael has led hundreds of politicians, professional colleagues and students on comprehensive study tours of Copenhagen over the past decade. Mikael is knowledgeable and entertaining as he leads the group around the city, either by bike or on foot - although by bike increases the range exponentially. All tours are subject to availability.

bicycle urbanism

All the highlights of Copenhagen’s bicycle urbanism, including infrastructure, facilities, urban development and innovation - all peppered with anecdotes. Tours are best at minimum two hours.

the life-sized city

What is it like to live in Copenhagen? Mikael leads you on a tour with a local’s perspective, taking you deep into the neighbourhoods to see playground design, public space, history and other details that often escape the visitor.


Urban Design Consultant

Cities are changing and Mikael understands the hows and whys of this Age of Urbanism after working in the field for more than a decade. He coaches select client cities and developers on specific projects or overall strategies. Public space, transport, community engagement, tactical urbanism.

Mikael has a small batch of exclusive clients and doesn’t take on many new ones unless the project is visionary.

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You might have been past the keynote page already, but Mikael is well-known for his inspiring keynotes about urbanism, bicycle urbanism, cities and his philosophies about urban life and The Life-Sized City.

brand strategist

For select clients, Mikael works with their brand, product , NGO or social media campaign, providing expertise about the best strategy for building, growing and expanding. He can work with city branding or developers’ projects to broadcast the good work they are doing. Mikael has worked with cities and companies around the world over the past decade and is ready to share his experience and knowledge of marketing and branding.