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Mikael has been a prolific author on the subject of bicycle urbanism. Over 2000 articles on the Copenhagenize.com blog as well as pieces for various publications and newspapers. He writes about other subjects close to his heart on Medium.com, but here are his books.

Copenhagenize - the definitive guide to global bicycle urbanism

Island Press 2018. Mikael did his best to sum up over a decade of his thinking, philosophizing, pondering and his direct work with cities around the world in one book, published in spring 2017 by Island Press. He covers everything you need to know about reestablishing the bicycle as transport in cities. History, communication, bad examples of bicycle planning, Best Practice infrastructure designs

It’s hopefully available wherever you buy your books but here is the link to American in the US and here is the link for Amazon in the European Union.

A Short Introduction to Bicycle Urbanism - for people who don’t give a fuck

UrbFab 2019. Mikael’s newest book, published in March 2019. People who do care about bicycle urbanism and city life will have read the book at the top of this page, but let's face it: there are many people out there who haven't and never will. This book is for them. The sceptics, the nimbys, the whiners, the uninformed. Bicycles belong in cities and this book is a quick, effective guide to understanding the whys and the hows of bicycles as transport. Available for purchase as a paperback or a pdf.

Cycle Chic

Thames & Hudson 2012. Cycle Chic is the condensed sum of 15,000 street photographs of cyclists around the world that Mikael had shot over six years. It was labelled as “streetstyle“ and came out as a photography book and has been translated into Italian, Korean, Japanese and German.

Cyclists & Cycling Around the World

Mikael contributed to this anthology by a long line of urban thinkers by penning the chapter about Branding Cycling – Mainstreaming A Good thing. Published in English and Spanish, this book is all-round interesting. Buy the e-version or hardcopy from this website.

Cargo Bike Nation

Blurb Publishing 2016. The rise of the cargo bike in our cities continues. Mikael published 725 photographs of cargo bikes around the world in order to show the diversity of uses. Not only in the cargo bike capital of Copenhagen, but in the most unlikely places. Published in 2013, Mikael was ahead of the global curve.

The Cork Papers: Sustainable City in the Making

Cork City Council 2018. In this anthology, Mikael joins 19 other authors in a collection of essays with advice on how to make Cork (or any city) a Leading European Sustainable City. You can download the complete book for free from this website.